Redefining the modern homemaker while empowering professional women to bring the traditional home feel to their modern living through creative recipes, healthy food alternatives, decorating ideas, and tips for hosting events proving you can turn a house or apartment into a home without a husband and/or child. 

AbouT Me

I was born and raised in the Midwest with wonderful, supportive parents and one younger brother. I love baking, creating a warm and inviting home, and creating a healthy work/life balance. I love spending time with my family (when I see them) and friends. I also enjoy spending time at home with good food and Netflix. I'm enjoying my life as I grow and develop into my ideal woman. For the most part I consider myself to be a homemaker. There is only one small problem, every time I look for resources on homemaking they are centered around a traditional family. A young stay at home mom with her husband and two young children. Posts mostly revolving around caring for their family. While I believe having a husband and children is wonderful, I also believe it is wonderful if you decide to postpone building a family or decided not to build one at all. 

I am always shocked by how hard it is to find a blogs/websites that cater to ambitious, career oriented women who still love to aspects of caring for their home. There is a stigma against career women who desire traditional homemaking lifestyle. I believe both are possible. I love working and building a career. I devote hours to ensuring I am the best at what I do. I also believe that my hard work should be rewarded by me coming home to a warm, cozy home. I also love creating savory meals and baking homemade sweet treats from scratch.

I am excited to create a community for women who are seeking to breakdown the boundaries of traditional homemakers and forge a new path in all of the possibilities of who can be a homemaker. On this site you can look forward to life/work balance tips, home decor ideas, and recipes for food, drinks, and sweet treats.